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Franchise package

Cash in with the Autovaletdirect Traditional hot water system

Autovaletdirect Franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds and because of this we provide a start-up package based on individual circumstances, experience and personal needs.

The Autovaletdirect Traditional hot water system package is just £11,970 and includes an on board 390 litres (86 gallon) water tank serving a hot water pressure washer.

Cash in with the Autovaletdirect Steam Technology System

The Autovaletdirect Steam Technology System package is just £13,970 and includes a powerful steam system using Revolutionary, environmentally-friendly vapour steam using your own on board de-ironized water.

Both packages also come with the following:

  • Full technical training, business know-how and sales & marketing (operation manual).
  • Protected Territory with thousands of prospective customers.
  • All equipment and products to enable you to affect a full range of professional mobile valet services.
  • Business Launch/website, Sales Promotion Leaflets, Corporate Stationery, Corporate Clothing and 24/7 National call centre with free phone number. 

You will require a van from which to operate and, whilst you are free to source your own vehicle new or used which we do insist on being our corporate colour of silver, we can and have partners who can help you with this.


  • Fully livered corporate marquee. 

Autovaletdirect franchising charges a fixed Management licence Fee of only £245.00 per month to all franchisees (regardless of turnover). There are no other charges or royalty fees, so the more you put in, the more you take home.

All prices are subject to VAT

Franchise Business Loans: Most High Street Banks offer competitive Business Loans and Business Account Packages for new franchise start-ups. Being a BFA affiliated and successful franchise, Autovaletdirect Franchising Ltd has relationships with certain Banks franchise departments which can be discussed at an initial meeting.


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