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Market Potential


Traditionally, Autovaletdirect has operated within the massive and rapidly expanding automotive marketplace, which currently comprises around 32 million vehicles in the UK alone. Competition is extremely fragmented, with many untrained ‘one man band’ operators providing low quality service and a few larger companies offering a limited range of valets from static sites.

Autovaletdirect, by contrast, has built its brand leading position in this sector by providing professional, premium services – including specialist treatments, such as Diamondbrite and Caravanbrite and paint rectification - to customers who value quality and convenience over cost, and rely on our franchise owners to care for their cars properly. We even include a Waterless Wash system to maximise sales opportunities and increase customer choice.

All Autovaletdirect franchise owners are fully trained in all aspects of delivering the service, which creates a strong competitive edge for Autovaletdirect franchise owners and reinforces our reputation amongst customers for delivering work of the very highest standard.

Automotive Corporate Events

Being part of Autovaletdirect has enabled franchise owners to extend their potential marketplace into the specialist areas of Automotive Corporate Events, where we have a strong presence. Within this lucrative market, there is huge untapped potential and little or no effective competition.


Similarly, Autovaletdirect has identified a rich market opportunity for franchise owners to develop in the leisure vehicles sector. There are more than a million leisure vehicles in the UK, with often wealthy owners prepared to invest in keeping their caravans and motor homes pristine as this can be time consuming and hard work for the untrained. 

Vehicle graphics and sign writing removal

Look around you, how many vehicles do you see in one day sign written or wrapped? Reports suggest that up to 24,000 people can see a fleet vehicle on the roads in a single working day and industry research suggests more than 3,000 people per hour see a liveried vehicle operating in a busy area so it makes sense to have vehicle livery promoting your business and brand in this cost effective way.

However, at some point in its life the vehicle livery will need to be removed, not an easy job for the amateur! 


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