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DIY Car Washing Tips

DIY Car cleaning tips between valets.


Always use water never rub cloths or sponges over dry dirty bodywork it will scratch.

Don't clean the car on a hot sunny day-Never wash in direct sunlight - wait for the evening otherwise you will have smears all over body work as the water dries

Rinse car off A high pressure hose is best for this but a hosepipe with a strong jet will help. Once you have removed the loose grit and the car is wet the rest of the dirt will start to loosen as the water gets into it.

Using a good-quality car shampoo in a bucket of warm water (Never use under sink products such as washing up liquid as they will damage the paintwork). Soap the vehicle working from the roof down, cleaning less obvious parts as well (which helps to give that "well cared for" appearance) making the sills and bumpers the last thing you touch overall- these are generally the dirtiest and most gritty areas.

Rinse the vehicle thoroughly starting on the roof and bonnet and working your way down until all traces of soap have disappeared.

If you are fortunate to of had Diamondbrite applied to your vehicle at this point you should add two capfuls of conserver to a fresh bucket of water and with a clean sponge wash over the bodywork and then rinse again with clean water.

With a clean leather (We recommend synthetic ones as they are easier to maintain and keep clean) dry the vehicle starting at the roof and bonnet and working your way down.

To detail any areas to the exterior and class use a micro fibre cloth to dust and buff.


Brake dust is hard to remove and you'll usually require a chemical brake dust and alloy wheel cleaner. These usually need brushing on leaving for a while then rinsing off.


Pick up any rubbish and place in the dustbin.

Remove removable mats and vacuum them then move on to the rest of the interior with the Hoover.

Wipe down the dashboard, console and all other plastics with a damp (not wet) cloth. (Your synthetic leather is ideal)

Light Carpet & upholstery stains can be easily removed with aerosol foam cleaner

Leather upholstery can be cleaned using a quality cleaner but would strongly advise a professional to undertake the cleaning if heavily soiled.


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