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A day in the life - Jamie Cushion

07.00am – Alarm rings and it’s time to get up and ready for work.

07.30am – Connect the hose up to the water tank in the van and start to fill the van. Going to need a full tank of water today so will need to be left for around twenty minutes or so.

08.00am – Meet with Tom, the other franchisee and have a quick chat about the day ahead. We then check the van to make sure the water level and amount of chemicals are correct for the day.

08.15am – Leave the house for the first job. It is a full interior valet and a quick outside wash on VW Golf. It’s less than a mile away so we are there in no time.

08.30am – Arrive at the address for the job and speak to the customer. While we have a quick look around the car the customer offers to make a nice cup of tea. Perfect on a cold morning.

08.45am – Start the first job of the day

10.45am - Completed the job and show the customer around the car to show the transformation. Customer is very happy. I hand over invoice and take payment on the card machine.

11.00am – Stop off at the post office in order to post some letters to local business parks and car dealerships. Also send off a few invoices for previous trade work that has been completed.

11.20am – On to the second job of the day, this is a Vauxhall Corsa. The customer is a regular and just wants an external valet with polish. We notice a few light scratches on the vehicle so take our time and make sure these are removed for her. Another happy customer!

1.20pm – Finish the job and proceed to the third and final one of the day. Before we arrive we have time to pop in and see the manager of a local haulage company. He has asked for a quote to have the cabs of twenty Lorries valeted. After a quick chat we agree on a price and a schedule for the cabs to be valeted. They will all be done over the next two months.

2.15pm – Final job of the day. A full premier plus valet on a Land Rover Discovery. This one takes three and a half hours and is looking as good as new. The customer is very pleased and asks for a few extra business cards so that he can recommend to his friends and family.

6.15pm – Arrive home, give the van a quick tidy and it’s time for tea.

7.30pm – A quick look on the computer in order to reply to any emails input some invoices and have a quick look at some local marketing.

8.00pm – Time to put my feet up.


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