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A day in the life - Richard Rowe

7.00am - Rise and shine.

8.15am - Meeting with employee to check vans are fuelled, filled with water, chemical level check and to discuss the days bookings,

8.45am - on the road to our first jobs.

Today I have a little travelling to do, 30 miles south for a BMW 635i convertible for a full premier valet.

9.30am - arrive to meet with customer and after a well-received cuppa it’s down to business and start on the customer’s car.

10.45am - ring employee who has a private customers Mercedes vito travelliner, to check he has found the address and all is well.

1.00pm - finish the customers BMW , wow is a usual customer response or it was not that clean when I came out the showroom,

on to the next job: trade , tractor dealer who has a used tractor that needs a cab interior valet, usual muddy floors and filthy glass, 2 hours later with the right equipment and good chemicals the cab is looking good as new.

3.30pm - not to far to a regular customer, little old lady, likes a bit of a chat, but the tea and a slice of cake is a guarantee, her vw polo just wants a good wash and vac and apart from a bit of dog hair in the boot from casper the friendly lab it’s a quick and easy job.

4.45pm - quick ring to the employee to check all was ok with the vito and he was on his second job, a 2007 black Saab convertible in need of a good polish and hood clean and re-waterproof.

5.00pm - Ring a customer who has asked for a quote for a full valet on a 8 metre twin axel caravan, after explaining the options available and costs he has booked it in for next week.

Incoming call from a local car dealer who we do all his valeting for, they have an ambulance that needs an engine clean and a service wash.

6.45pm - on the way home call in to see a customer who has booked his Porsche in for a Diamond Brite paint protection to see if has had the scratch repaired where he hit the garage wall, after a cuppa and a chat all is well and car has been repaired and booked in for 2 weeks ahead.

8.00pm - call in to employee to check all is well and pick up invoices and customers payments.

8.20pm - arrive home, and time for dinner, then check on e-mails, put some figures on the computer and sort out bank books for paying in,

11pm - time to put my feet up for an hour before bed.


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