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Autovaletdirect franchisee believes in good service

Name: N. Lockyer

Franchise: Autovaletdirect 

Why I chose this franchise company 

I chose Autovaletdirect because when searching on the Internet, Autovaletdirect looked very smart, professional with a very successful network and had a strong presence. I believed that customers were confident in receiving a good service and value for money from Autovaletdirect, which I have since found to be very true. 

What I did before becoming a franchise owner 

Before I became a franchise owner, I was a learning support assistant at a school for children with behavioural problems. This job was good, but no matter how much effort I put in, the wage stayed the same, and the rewards were few and far between. 

How I raised the finance 

Raising the finance was reasonably easy for me. The forecasts and business plan compiled by myself with the help of Autovaletdirect looked good. After a few meetings with the Business Manager at my local NatWest bank he was more than happy to start up a business account for me and credit my account with a loan. Autovaletdirect have franchise profiles with all the major franchise banks, which makes the process so much easier. This had been quite a worry for me, as I had taken voluntary redundancy from my previous job, and signing on for benefits was not an option for me. 

The training and support I receive from the franchisor 

My training and support has been second to none, Chris Johnson has always been available to contact with any questions. Within five hours of Launch and registering my phone with the Autovaletdirect call centre I had received my first job with two more following that day. Under a week from launch, I have a full diary for the next six days. It is very reassuring that Autovaletdirect are very strong in Automotive Events arena. They have recently been awarded one at the London Olympics, which is eight weeks of work for the network and me. 

The challenges I have faced 

To be quite honest, there have been no real challenges on the start-up process, the only thing has been juggling meetings with the bank and getting appointments which I have been able to attend. 

My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise 

Make sure that you do as much research as possible into what you want to do. The British Franchise Association is an excellent place to start and don’t be afraid to keep in contact with the franchisor. Remember that it is his name and experience, which will help you out in getting you started. 

My plans for the future 

With the help and experience from the franchisor, I will be trying to expand my customer list and spreading awareness in my local area.


   Autovaletdirect is an Accredited Franchise

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