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Autovaletdirect start-ups supported for up to one hundred percent of their total investment

Autovaletdirect start-ups throughout the UK are supported for up to 100% of their total investment*! 

From 1st October the FranchsingWorks team will be able to support Autovaletdirect candidates through their start-up phase in most parts of the UK. Here's an update on what they can offer a great Autovaletdirect candidate that’s finding it difficult to complete:

  • A confidential service
  • Faster Business Plans and Financial Plans (Usually 2 weeks dependent on the candidate)
  • Applications for finance start at (week 1)
  • Funding can usually be accessed in an average of 4 weeks. (Again depends on candidate but within 2/6 weeks they will have a decision.)

How much can be accessed?

This is candidate and franchise strength dependent. But as a ball park figure they can support in accessing anything from £5,000 to £150,000 through their approved funding streams one which includes government supported loans and another which includes Community Development Funding Institutions.

What does a candidate who needs help look like?

Here are a few of examples:

  • Candidate 1 - has had the odd missed payment on a credit card, has less than 30% capital to invest and needs 12k but has a great mid management CV. Outcome: APPROVED
  • Candidate 2 - Has a CCJ but has 10k to invest but requires a further 12K and their normal routes have been declined. Outcome: APPROVED
  • Candidate 3 - Has a good CV, No capital and requires a total investment of £15,000 and they are looking at starting a franchise model with an excellent trading history. Outcome: APPROVED

In each of the above cases FranchisingWorks was able to offer advice, support and access to funding and this was based on the candidate passing their stage 1 - Pre Checks Phase.

How to apply as potential Autovaletdirect franchisee for the FranchiseWorks program?

Email  or call 0800 0834 683 / 01622 664571 quoting ‘FranchingWorks program’ to set up an initial 30 minute consultation - All we need is your name and email address to start the process.

FranchisingWorks provides advice, support and funding to encourage unemployed people into self-employment through franchising. 

Franchising helps people get into business for themselves, but not by themselves.


*Based on the candidate passing their stage 1 - Pre Checks Phase.


Government backed funding for Autovaletdirect franchise startups 

Startup Loans is a government initiative setup to promote entrepreneurship by providing funding, mentoring, support and advice to people looking to start a business. 



   Autovaletdirect is an Accredited Franchise

If you are interested in becoming part of the Autovaletdirect team, there are plenty of franchise opportunities throughout the UK

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