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Enjoying the expertise of the Autovaletdirect franchise

Name:   Karl Miller 

Franchise: Autovaletdirect 


Why I chose franchising 

I chose franchising as there is a lower risk of any new businesses failing. It is more attractive as you have the backing and expertise of the franchise and their established business. There was always someone in the franchise I could talk to when setting up and starting my business if I had any problems or needed advice. 

What I did before taking up a franchise 

I worked in Business Travel and was an Account Manager. 

How I raised the finance 

I raised the money from savings. 

The training and support I receive from my franchisor 

The support from the franchisor was excellent. After my initial meeting I was not given a hard sell to sign up. I spent a day with an established franchisee to get an idea of the day-to-day work involved. I was also given the opportunity to spend time with other franchisees. After setting up, the franchisor has assisted in sourcing van & equipment and given valuable advice and guides on advertising. My training was 2 weeks, 1 spent with existing franchisees in their area and 1 week being accompanied by another franchisee. The training was well structured and I could undertake at my own pace. The support is ongoing and I can call upon anyone within the franchise for help & advice at any time. 

The challenges I have faced 

The main challenges were to get started and set up bank accounts, register with HMRC and find accountants etc. The whole process took longer than I expected. Other challenges include getting word out about my new business and thinking of ways to gain new business. More challenges will then follow in to retaining the customers I gain. 

My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise 

Make sure that you go into an area of work that you are going to enjoy. Make sure you investigate thoroughly all the franchises in that field and talk to as many as possible and get a feel for the people you will deal with and the franchise itself. If possible spend time with existing franchisees and get their honest opinion and ask to speak to other franchisees. The first 3-6 months will be difficult trading wise, so ensure that you have sufficient funds to live on and most importantly talk to your family and get their full support. 

My plans for the future 

My immediate plans are to continue gaining new customers with a view to getting regular corporate and private customers. It's still early days for me so I am concentrating on working hard and making sure I do the best job I can on every job. I have been encouraged by how everyone within the franchise has done so well and maybe in 2-3 years’ time I would hope I will have enough business so I can take on a second van.


   Autovaletdirect is an Accredited Franchise

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