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Autovaletdirect franchisees attend World Superbike Championship at the Silverstone for Alfa Romeo

Richard Rowe and myself, Paul Salmon are two proud franchisees from Autovaletdirect. 

Due to Autovaletdirect’s National Alliances and renowned, unrivalled service and experience in corporate events such as The World SuperBikes, Goodwood Festival of Speed, British Motor Show, Corporate Track Days and Golf Events, this year it was our turn to attend the FIM Super Bike World Championship at the Silverstone Circuit on 29th July - 01 August 2010 due to our past successes at this event

As well as taking in the Qualifying, Race Days, meeting the riders and teams in the pit area and garages our duties were to look after the Alfa Romeo sponsored cars, which meant keeping them looking immaculately clean at any time of the day. 







Our first day consisted of a thorough Service valet of 11 Alfa Romeo cars, 10 Guilietta's and 1 Spider. 

Four of the vehicles were used as Medical cars, the other four were Safety cars, two were for escorting VIPs and the Spider was to be used for the Winners drive. Due to our unique equipment, experience and drive to do a great job we finished all 11 cars by 4.30 pm, so it gave us plenty of time to spare for the rest of the day. 

The second day again started at 7.30. We were both fortunate in being able to work in the Pits, which meant we would work, but we could both watch the bikes practising going round the tracks which was a fantastic experience for me as it was the first time I had seen anything like this. 

As it had rained overnight Richard and I immediately set about leathering off the four Safety cars, polishing and maintaining the showroom finish, this was our focus throughout the day. 

The Safety cars were extensively used in leading the bikes around the track for the first lap checking for debris and any dangers that could be a hazard to the riders. The Safety cars were driven hard around the track at a high speed so every time the cars went around the track we had to wipe them down. It was surprising just how dirty each vehicle got after just one lap and as there was a television crew throughout our time there it was even more important to make sure the cars looked immaculate after each lap. 

The third day was basically the same as the second in terms of our duties in keeping the safety cars clean and we also had to maintain the two black and white cars that were to be used for ferrying the VIPs. 

There were practice rounds as well as qualifying practice rounds for the bikes so we were kept busy in cleaning the Safety cars down. 

One thing that broke up the routine was the Pit Walk, where members of the public paid to come into the Pit area to look at the bikes, talk to the mechanics and ogle the models. This also meant a lot of finger marks on the Safety cars, which meant that they had to be periodically maintained.

The last day, Sunday the 1st August was the real thing after all those practice and qualifying rounds. With 3 warm up rounds and one race before Midday and another Pit walk with the public, because of it being the penultimate day there were a lot more people. The atmosphere was fantastic because of the enthusiasm of the public and the roar of bike engines. 

There were a lot of times throughout the day when there seemed to be a lot of standing around especially when all four Safety cars were being used at the same time, excellent opportunity to take in some racing and check out the team garages. However this was usually followed by being suddenly busy once all the cars were all bought back at the same time. 

The afternoon finished with 3 races culminating with the World Superbike Championship, which was a spectacular affair with one of the races having a crash involving 2 riders. 

All in all an enjoyable four fully-paid days plus expenses, which I would jump at the chance of doing again which no doubt being an Autovaletdirect Franchisee is only around the corner.



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