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Hand Car Wash business and Franchise

Are you looking to start a hand car wash business? Maybe you’ve spent some time considering this while waiting in line for a wash on a bright and sunny Saturday morning. You’ve probably seen a dozen or more cars in the queue, with each owner paying between £5.00 and £25.00 for a wash and vacuum that they may not even be totally satisfied with. If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may have started doing some quick maths in your head—projecting what the car wash owner is probably making in one month, then one year. Maybe you even thought “Boy, this place is a cash cow!” 

However, drive by that same car wash on a rainy Thursday afternoon, and you’ll be lucky if you see one or two cars waiting. You might even see that the car wash is closed for the day. Variables such as the time of the week as well as the weather affect how profitable car wash businesses can be on any given day, or for any given week, month or season. 

The fly in the ointment for a hand car wash seems to be the rent. Those ex-petrol stations normally occupy prime locations and they are worth a lot of money either to buy or rent! Renting these business premises will be expensive, as will retrofitting them for purpose and while the customer waits for their car wash, you may also need some kind of undercover waiting room because during the winter months, customers won't want to wait outside in all weathers. 

You'll also have to pay for overheads such as electricity, water rates, business rates, wages and inherit the headaches and responsibilities that go along with them. Hand car washes are extremely labour intensive, willing labour may not always be available in some areas and when the business is run legally, making money is very difficult paying those lawful wages which will probably be one of the biggest costs you incur while running your business. Some would argue it is not possible except in very rare circumstances. 

The primary ingredients for success in running a hand car wash are a motivated team, the finance and a high visibility site to attract passing motorists.

Yes, there is the opportunity to make lots of money and have fun doing it—but only if you put in the hard work required and you are prepared take on the risks to make your car wash business a success.

People today have less and less time to spend on errands like getting their car washed. One of the main challenges of today’s car wash owner isn’t just providing customers with clean cars—it’s providing customers with clean cars at their convenience,  customers today are better educated about their options and demand more value for their money.

Why not remove all those overheads, headaches and responsibilities that go with this type of set-up and deliver the service to the customer in the comfort of their own home, office or work place. There is a significant convenience using a reputable mobile valeting service that offers a variety of hand wash and valeting options at an affordable price.

With a rise in demand for professional and reliable mobile valeting / hand wash services the time is right to invest in an Autovaletdirect franchise.  Autovaletdirect offers hard working franchisees, who love cars, the opportunity to a huge market with a unique system, established and proven concept with unlimited earning potential.

Operating from a smartly livered, purpose designed mobile unit using top quality products and equipment, franchisees will also benefit from automotive events, experience and a high profile brand. Find out more here…


Take your fully equipped mobile valeting unit around the UK for financially rewarding corporate automotive valeting events. Find out more here…

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The Autovaletdirect Automotive service franchise 

Stats have shown that the UK automotive industry is growing year on year, and as more and more of us are driving cars, with many families having more than one car now, there is a growing demand for mobile vehicle valeting services. 





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