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Dear Autovaletdirect,
On behalf of Ricoh UK Products Ltd, I am writing to thank you for the work you have carried out with cleaning, rectification & valet of the 31 staff cars that were contaminated. Your professionalism, response and cooperation to cater for our requirements was exceptional and all staff were more than happy with the standard of work completed.

Automotive Decontamination

Autovaletdirect specialises in the removal of particulate contamination on single or groups of vehicles from industrial emission or construction site overspray.

Decontaminate vehicle

Our comprehensive service offers public liability and motor insurers a fast and cost effective solution and guarantees the vehicle owner the best quality restoration technique.

All our techniques are hand-applied with a detailed inspection, on-site analysis and demonstration to claimants undertaken by our experienced franchisees.

  • Cement and Concrete removal
  • Resins, Sealants and Tar removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Industrial Fallout removal

Fully mobile Nationwide service.