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Valeting for New Cars

A new vehicle is likely to be the second largest purchase that you will ever make with some prestige and sports cars actually costing more than the price of a house. By taking advantage of our wide range of mobile car valeting services we will help to maintain the value of your vehicle and ensure that your investment is protected.

Jewelultra Diamondbrite Paint Protection is an excellent means of keeping your car in showroom condition. It forms a tough shield over the paintwork which protects against the effects of ultraviolet rays, road grime, road salts, bird lime, acid rain and other environmental damage that over time will age your vehicle.

Compare a vehicle that is several years old to a new one and you will see the damage that the environment has had on the paintwork but compare two vehicles of the same age, one that has been treated with Jewelultra Diamondbrite and one without and you will see the difference immediately. The better a vehicle looks the higher price it can achieve when it comes to selling it so it makes sense to maintain its appearance.

Most dealerships offer paint sealants but they are often expensive. The salesman tries hard to sell the product as he receives a large commission but the valeters are paid little so they do not always take care over the application.

We offer Jewelultra Diamondbrite at very competitive rates and you will also be able to see our valeters undertake the application and ask any questions that you may have concerning the product.

As well as protection for paintwork we also recommend Jewelultra Diamondbrite Fabric Protection for the protection of carpets and upholstery. These products come with a 6-year guarantee. We also offer protection for alloy wheels, cabriolet hoods and glass.