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Autovaletdirect Franchise Training Programme in Kuwait

During the 20 years that I have been in business I have encountered many challenges and met people from all walks of life but never more so than when the MD of Jewelultra Diamondbrite, John Boseley, requested that I travel with him to Kuwait as a valeting specialist to put into practice Autovaletdirect’s Franchise Training Programme with the valeting staff at Jaguar, Kuwait Automobile & Trading Co. 

Up to this point they had been merely washing and vacuuming vehicles following service work rather than taking the opportunity to sell the customer a full valet for a greater profit. Their staff had never been trained to valet vehicles or prepare them for showroom display so we provided hands on practical demonstrations in how to do this in the same way that we are now doing for our franchisees. 

New cars were De-waxed by hand which was time consuming and impractical due to the immense heat, then rinsed off using a hose causing dirt and sand to scratch the paintwork. This then had to be rectified costing at least 2 hours labour. I showed them how to carry out this procedure in less time and without causing any damage. Each of the cleaning staff had one Terry Towelling cloth, which was used in any area that a cloth would be needed. This same cloth would be used to remove the polish and wipe over the interior leather. New cars were never vacuumed and any mess would be hidden under the over mats. I replaced their Terry Towelling cloths with leathers and micro fibre cloth to reduce damage and achieve the perfect finish. They were also shown how to clean windows without smears in just a few seconds. 

The cars would be sprayed under the bonnet with an aerosol engine cleaner and the engine would be run for 5 minutes until this had dried. It was then rinsed off and the process was repeated using another brand of aerosol. They then cleaned the wheels using their towelling cloth, a spray cleaner and a bucket of water with Fairy Liquid. The cloth was used to remove dirt from the wheel arches and door shuts and this procedure took about 30 minutes. The car was then washed with the same bucket of dirty water and Fairy Liquid and dried with the same towelling cloth. I instructed them to purchase a steam cleaner, pump sprays, wheel brushes, new buckets and Jewelultra cleaning products. 

As a result training standards and efficiency increased well above initial expectations. The revenue from valeting also increased, as did the morale of the staff. 

The training procedures used in Kuwait were exactly the same as is given to our new franchisees. The valeting staff at Jaguar were Indian and spoke little or no English and the conditions were extremely testing including temperatures of 48-50 degrees and yet within just 4 days they were fully trained and putting into practice everything they had learnt. Our franchisees are given step-by-step training in all areas of valeting and shown how to maximize their time without cutting corners. They are taught how to use the best products on the market and achieve the best results possible. 

Chris Johnson

Managing Director

Autovaletdirect Franchising Ltd


Autovaletdirect Kuwait Franchise Training Programme Report 

Right first time every time and well within time for each vehicle being prepared! Our standards and efficiency have increased to levels well above our initial expectations and the standard of preparation of our new vehicles has also benefited from the training and use of Diamondbrite products. 

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Autovaletdirect franchise appears in the new Diamondbrite video 

In May 2006 at the Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Kent, Autovaletdirect supplied their unique mobile valeting services for the video shoot of the new Jewelultra Diamondbrite video. 

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