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Autovaletdirect franchisee earns one thousand pounds in one day

Richard Rowe - Autovaletdirect (Cheltenham)

The day started pretty much like any other with the usual morning rush of kids, breakfasts and school bags, then out the door at 8.30am and on to my first job of the day which was a VW Golf, Premier Plus Valet. 

Around 11.00 am I had a message come through from Head Office from a company that had 4 to 5 vehicles and wanted to discuss valets and costs. 

The customer had two brand new vehicles, a Land Rover Defender and a BMW 3 series. I explained the benefits of having his new vehicles treated with Lifetime Guaranteed Paint and Fabric Protection, ‘DIAMONDBRITE.’ The customer had never heard of it so I suggested he look on the Autovaletdirect website and this would give him all the information he needed. 

He also had a Ford S-Max and a Skoda Fabia that required Premier Plus Valets so an appointment was booked for the following week. Later that day the customer was back on the phone and was so impressed with the details of Diamondbrite and the unique Autovaletdirect service that he now wanted to have all four of his cars treated. Great! But was it possible to treat four cars in one day as the usual application can take up to 5 hours depending on vehicle size and condition? 

As I run more than one vehicle I decided to take two vans so we would be able to get all his cars done properly in a day. 

The day came and we had an early start with the weather being kind to us. All of the vehicles were valeted and the Diamondbrite treatment was applied. I was also able to strike a deal with the customer, offering a discount for a multiple vehicle job done all on the same day. 

Invoice number: 1408: 4 x Diamondbrite Applications with after care packs £1000.00.

Lifetime Guarantee 

The customer was extremely happy with Diamondbrite and since the original application a year ago he has changed two of his vehicles and has also had the new ones treated with Diamondbrite... Testimony that it does what it says. 

 A long day but a happy and profitable one for an Autovaletdirect franchisee!





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