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Autovaletdirect supply services at the Audi Quattro Cup for the seventh year

Following the success of previous years, Autovaletdirect were approached again to offer their professional event valeting services to Audi for the Audi Quattro Cup at Bowood, Wiltshire.

The Audi Quattro Cup is recognised among Audi customers across the globe and is the largest amateur tournament series worldwide. During 2014, Audi Centres from 52 different countries organised a total of 965 tournaments, with more than 100,000 amateur golfers participating in the exclusive Audi Quattro Cup tournament.

Only two pairs from the UK rounds can represent Audi UK at the Global Final and be in with a chance to raise the Quattro Cup. To secure a place at the money-can’t-buy Global Final, Audi customers competed in three stages – Centre Rounds, Regional Rounds and the UK Final.

Shaun Kinsell – Autovaletdirect (West Midlands)

“The day was a challenge from the start after being requested to arrive earlier than organized, the two Audi R8`s had arrived on a separate transporter and the two Audi Q7 transfer vehicles were ready to clean as we arrived 2 hours earlier. Richard Keen and I set to the task of getting the R8`s valeted ready to be put in the display positions out on the fairways at different tee offs, then on to the transfer Q7`s. They had to pick up customers from Bristol airport but there was a delay as the transporter with the other display cars had taken a wrong turn and was delayed.

Once the transporter had arrived we had a call from the event organizers requesting us to go to the main gate as they had a problem. Upon us arriving,  we found that the top two cars had a little disagreement with some low hanging trees, after assessing the cars we would be able to polish out the scratches but not the cracks to the rear spoilers and plastics, so the two cars were returned and two more where reordered from Audi for overnight delivery.

Arriving early again the next day, the task was to get the two display cars valeted and positioned before guest arrivals and then dry off the remaining cars doted around the fairways at different tee off points before the days play started, this was all done by the length of a cat’s whisker.

No two events are the same and there is always a challenge waiting around the corner no matter how much preparation is done.

With a cool head, experience and a will to get the job done within a time frame anything is possible.”

Richard Keen - Autovaletdirect (Swindon)

"I attended the Audi Quattro Golf Final at Bowood House in September for the fourth year running.  

I was assisted by Shaun Kinsell on the first day and on the following two days maintained the showroom appearance of the show cars on the golf course and transfer vehicles. 

On set-up day the car transporter arrived late so I had to go with the driver to direct him to the right place (this meant a 15mile diversion). Being a truck driver previously, I knew the best way to go and was then was asked to help inspect the cars for any damage, some having to be replaced the following day.  

An enjoyable event as always, all the event staff were extremely helpful and professional throughout the three days and looking forward to returning next year."

Autovaletdirect offer service at Audi Quattro Cup Final 2013 

Autovaletdirect have continually supplied their unique valeting systems and services for the Audi Quattro Cup Final at Bowood in Wiltshire since 2008 by assisting Audi with their automotive valeting requirements over the three days. 

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