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Eight Thousand pound Insurance rectification contract awarded to Autovaletdirect Franchisee

Following the successful rectification of paint splatter on 30 cars for a major insurance company in late 2010 Autovaletdirect, leading mobile valeting specialists for the UK were contacted once again by the Chief Engineer at the insurance assessors to rectify 35 vehicles on a Trading Estate in Witney, Oxfordshire with paint splatters. 

Autovaletdirect specialises in the removal of particulate contamination on single or groups of vehicles from industrial emission or construction site overspray. 

Decontaminate vehicle

Our comprehensive service offers public liability and motor insurers a fast and cost effective solution and guarantees the vehicle owner the best quality restoration technique.

All our techniques are hand-applied with a detailed inspection, on-site analysis and demonstration to claimants undertaken by our experienced franchisees. 

Shaun Kinsell, Autovaletdirect franchisee and valeting specialist for four years in the West Midlands area lead the operation. 

Shaun said, “Due to the success of the previous job undertaken for the insurance company in Telford I was asked if I would undertake the job. On acceptance, contact details and vehicle registrations were emailed through with an authority to carry out the work.” “Problems arose straight away” said Shaun. “Only twenty two of the thirty five vehicles were on site during normal office hours as one car was owned by a Rep based in Bolton, ten cars were only available between 05:00 & 14:00 due to work times and two other vehicles were customer's cars from an MOT station.” 

“I contacted Paul Salmon, Autovaletdirect valeting specialist for three years in Birmingham who previously assisted me with the job in Telford and Richard Keen, new Autovaletdirect franchisee and valeting specialist for Swindon to ask if they would assist in the work, to which they both agreed.” 

Arrangements were made so all franchisees would be able to see the customers and set dates on the first visit. 04:30 the first morning was spent meeting the first batch of customers, inspecting the vehicles, filling out  pre-inspection sheets for dents, scratches, rust and any exterior damage before work commenced. Richard Keen dealt with the 2 vehicles from the MOT station by carrying out the work at the customer’s location while Shaun went up to Bolton to carry out the work for the Rep. 

Shaun went on to say ,“ The paint splatter was removed, body work was cut back and D.A machine polished to bring back the smooth lustre of the paintwork using Jewelultra approved products and our unique training skills. To finish off, the paint splatter was removed from glass and cleaned, wheels & tyres cleaned and redressed and finally customer inspection and a signature of approval. Invoices were then emailed to the Chief Engineer at the assessors; pre-inspection sheets were mailed for process and clarification and forwarded on to the insurance company for payment.” 

Our training and unique hot water system coupled with our techniques and products place Autovaletdirect in the driving seat when offering public liability and motor insurers a fast and cost effective solution for quality restoration to damaged vehicles,” says Shaun.



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